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Side Hinged Garage Doors in Coventry


One piece Up and Over garage doors in Coventry have been the most popular type of garage door in the UK for so many years. The simplicity of operation and diversity of panel design is one key factor. Up and Over garage doors can be a standard size or made to measure if extra width or height is required to optimise the drive through sizes. They are available in steel, timber, Upvc and GRP in various different designs and finishes. Many designs incorporate windows for light and visual appeal.

Up and Over garage doors are available in 2 main operating mechanisms: Canopy and Retractable.

The information below demonstrates some of the differences between the two different door mechanisms. The canopy gear is only available in doors up to 2438mm (8 feet) wide, all doors wider than this use retractable gear.

Materials and Styles

Side Hinged doors are available in Steel, Timber and GRP. Adapted bi-fold aluminium systems are also available from some manufacturers.

With timber, doors can be uniquely designed to match existing structural designs, or to make a striking statement. A range of timber options adds to the array of choices available, based on a selection of standard designs. Timber options include Cedarwood, Idigbo, Accoya, Oak and more, providing either a modern or traditional feel, depending on your choice.

With steel, there is a variety of modern and stylish designs available, as well as various front surface effects and glazing options for double-skinned doors.

Purpose made doors can be made up to around 10 feet x 8 feet, with anything over those dimensions requiring heavier duty hinges to support the additional weight.

Quality Side Hinged Garage Doors

We only supply the highest quality timber for our doors, as lower grade timbers reduce the longevity and stability of doors considerably, especially with the infamously varied UK weather.

For long-lasting reliability, we recommend Cedarwood or Idigbo, or an enigineered Oak. These materials are fantastically strong, and once treated are suited to resisting the variable weather conditions.

As well as options in material, there is a range of crafted furniture options available, in both traditional and contemporary styles. Furniture options for Steel and GRP doors are slightly more limited, but still feature purpose made sizes and window options. Panelled designs are common with single skin steel doors, and cost considerably less than timber equivalents. As well as this, there are more design choices with double skinned steel doors.


Designer Garage Doors

Much like Sectional Doors, Side Hinged garage doors in Coventry have seen an increase in the demand for designer elements. These elements can provide a sleek and eyecatching design, both overlay or inlay with the door design. Stainless steel and coloured elements are available to customise Side Hinged garage doors, creating a truly ‘designer’ look.

Wooden Garage Doors

Our range of traditional wooden garage doors in Coventry combine traditional designs and modern technology.

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