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Sectional Garage Doors in Coventry


Our insulated sectional garage doors in Coventry are constructed in large vertical sections that simply fold up and away into your loft space, ensuring ease of use and installation.


Most Sectional doors in Coventry are double skinned as standard, with panels filled with insulating foam 40mm to 45mm thick. These sections are generally constructed from galvanised steel for strength and longevity. There is a wide variety of finishes and effects available for these doors, which is often pressed onto the door at the manufacturing stage. High quality paint finishes are also available, including a range of woodgrain effects designed to match existing building and wood work. The efficient and impressive construction of a Sectional door provides strength and stability not possible in other doors, even in larger than normal sizes. As a result, significantly larger garage openings can be accommodated through the use of a Sectional door. Space Saving Solutions.

Sectional Garage Doors For Shorter Driveways

Sectional garage doors in Coventry open and close vertically, meaning space around the opening can be utilised. This is perfect for shorter garages or driveways, allowing vehicles to be parked up against the door without needing space to ‘swing out’ when opening the door. The door panels curve upwards over the opening and then back into the headroom of the garage. When fitted and specified accurately, a Sectional door can offer full drive-through height and width, which is unlike most other garage door types. This is a great solution for garages that require large vehicle access, or have limited access dimensions. Operation

The mechanical design of a Sectional garage door is notably different to Up and Over garage doors. The spring system provides a much smoother operation than a conventional Up and Over door, which is particularly useful on larger sized doors. All Sectional garage doors can be either manually or remotely operated, but remain smooth and quiet in both cases due to excellent engineering, flawless design and high-quality components. Sectional door panels are also safe, with anti-entrapment design between the sections to prevent finger trapping, and a number of other safety features that meet all current legal regulations.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

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Roller Garage Doors Coventry

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