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Roller Garage Doors in Coventry



Roller garage doors in Coventry are one the most practical garage door options available; with smooth vertical opening and no internal tracks, it operates smoothly and neatly.

The roller door is essentially a curtain that consists of slats that can roll around itself at the top of the door opening, manufactured with either steel or aluminium. A steel roller shutter consists of a single sheet of metal, whereas aluminium roller doors offer insulation.

Our range of roller doors are able to offer great security and safety levels, with additional extras and models available to enhance such features when and if required!

Limited Headroom? Roller Shutter Could be The Answer

The small size of the curtain roll belonging to a roller shutter means the door can be installed in locations that may have limited or obstructed headroom – a solution that other door types cannot offer. If you have an awkwardly placed meter, fuse box or internal door that may block garage door mechanisms, then a roller shutter door may be the answer. The average curtain roll size is around 300mm-350mm in diameter, although this may be larger depending on the installation position and the material chosen for the curtain.

Benefits of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller shutter garage doors in Coventry can often be a practical solution due to the various benefits they offer!

A siginificant benefit being that the roller shutter type of garage door demands minimal space requirements – the main feature which really makes it stand out. The roller shutter’s vertical opening means that owners are able to optimise the length of their garage and driveway, as well as allowing them to park right up to the door with no obstructions when it is in operation. The opening mechanism also means you can safely park tall vehicles, like 4x4’s, close to the door without obstructing the opening and closing of the door.

Another benefit that roller shutter garage doors offer, that many other garage doors do not, is its ability to be fitted behind, inbetween OR in front of the opening.

Most roller shutter doors are made to order, and can therefore be ordered to your exact specifications, whatever the size. There is also an almost limitless choice of pre-finished colours and woodgrain effects, allowing you to discover the most ideal roller shutter door that is suited to you and your property.

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